Montania 4896

Montania 4896 Real-Time PCR Instrument

Montania 4896: A leap in life sciences and diagnostic labs. Building on the trusted foundation of Montania 484, this advanced system boasts twin 48 well blocks and powerful software for dual protocol execution.

Elevate your analysis to a new crescendo of excellence with Montania 4896. Contact us to unlock precision and efficiency in your lab work.


Fully automated setup for diagnostics or precise adjustments for research

Twin 48 well blocks for simultaneous protocols (total 96 wells)

User-friendly interface with intuitive software

High-resolution melting, allelic discrimination, quantification, and more

Fiber optic read-out for accurate measurements

PMT module system for photon energy amplification

Automated configuration and optional barcode reader system

Filter Pairs/Wavelengths:
4 (470/510 – 530/565 – 580/620 – 630/665)

Compatible Dyes:

Size and Weight
W:38 cm
D:52 cm
H:25 cm
18 kg